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Healbe Introduces GoBe 2 Wearable Device with Enhanced Software and New Services at CES Asia 2018

Only Wearable with Auto Calorie Intake, Hydration and Stress Counting Capabilities Adds Data Sharing, Goal-Setting and Personalization Features to Tracking of Key Health Parameters




HONG KONG Healbe Corp.™, a global health and wellness wearable start-up, announces participation at CES Asia Shanghai to introduce its GoBe™2 wearable device with enhanced features to Chinese consumers. With more personalized features such as data sharing with health and fitness professionals and set fitness goals, GoBe 2 and its enhanced applications, services and accessories will be displayed at Hall N2, Booth 2049 at CES Asia 2018 from 13-15 June, 2018.




According to a recent McKinsey survey, Chinese consumers are more health-conscious than ever before. They have concerns about their health and the impact of diet, exercise and the environment have on their quality of life. 65% of the respondents said they are seeking ways to lead a healthier lifestyle and more than 40% of respondents said they exercise regularly. Gym-membership and sports-event penetration are rising rapidly and sports apps are capturing an astonishing number of users. The demand for health and wellness management is increasing, especially when most sports apps only provide a summary of workouts and simple tutorials regardless of the real needs of individual consumers.




Designed and manufactured by Healbe, GoBe 2 is the first device designed to help people lose and maintain their weight by automatically tracking and providing them with their calorie intake, hydration levels and other key lifestyle parameters they need to adjust their lifestyle habits. Tracking more health parameters than any other device in the category, it also monitors calories burned, energy balance, stress level, heart rate, sleep quality and distance traveled/number of steps per day.




GoBe 2 also allows consumers to share data with health professionals and use new goal-setting applications in their request for healthier lifestyles. Key enhancements of GoBe 2 include:




  • Health and Wellness Portal: Healbe launches a new health and wellness portal allowing users to share their personal data (calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality and distance traveled/number of steps per day) with trusted nutritionists/wellness coaches.
  • Software Updates: The latest GoBe 2 software update provides users with a more accurate and personalized 24-hour calorie intake algorithm, weight management and goal-setting options and projected "after" images of users once they attain their weight loss goals; more details available online.
  • New Services: GoBe 2 now allows for the integration of users' personalized data with external inputs such as medical records and nutritionist recommendations.


Using five activity and stress sensors, in conjunction with the company's patented Healbe FLOW™ Technology, GoBe 2 monitors nine key health parameters that contribute to users' overall health. More enhancements such as updates of the web version of the app and updates of the algorithm to estimate level of blood sugar will be announced in the next few months.




"Not only is the GoBe 2 the most effective wearable for automatically tracking caloric intake, calories burned and hydration levels, but the device will now enable users to collaborate with trusted health and fitness professionals," said Artem Shipitsyn, CEO and co-founder of Healbe. "Bodily information collected by the GoBe 2 will provide data that no other consumer tracker devices can and will empower users and their health and fitness professionals to create plans based on a more complete picture of users' health and habits, allowing them to make adjustments in real time."




All data recorded and tracked via GoBe 2's sensors is securely sent to individual users' smartphones and portable devices via Bluetooth LE for viewing on the Healbe GoBe app for iOS and Android devices or Healbe's web-based user dashboard. Chinese version of GoBe app is now available to download here.




GoBe 2 is water-resistant for most daily activities, including swimming (except in saltwater), showering and bathing, and works for up to 48 hours per charge (via an included USB cable and charger dock).




GoBe 2 is available online at (China) and (Worldwide).


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